Mission and values

What we do

We open doors. We remove barriers. We help young people change their lives for the better.
The ASOS Foundation creates opportunities for young people to achieve their potential.
We provide inspiration, support, infrastructure and training for disadvantaged young people to help them overcome barriers and change their lives for the better.

Where we work

Our projects are focussed in the UK, India (New Delhi) and Kenya.

How we do it

We fund projects in collaboration with long-term trusted partners, and we also engage directly with young people at a grass roots level.

ASOS is the primary funder of the ASOS Foundation. In addition ASOS makes donations in kind providing space, equipment, expertise, management resource, and time to run hands-on training schemes and projects with ASOS colleague volunteers.


The outcome we seek is that a young person is able to move from one life stage to the next, for example from unemployment to training, from training to an apprenticeship, from homelessness to a family, or in Kenya to release people from fetching water so they have free time to engage in economic or personal development activities.